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Membership Benefits


Why should you be a Cool Club Member?

The comfort system in your home is something that you rarely think about until it breaks down and then it becomes your biggest household repair or replacement cost.

The Cool Club Membership program helps to provide piece of mind with seasonal maintenance by identifying problems before they arise and keeps your equipment clean and in good repair.​

Well maintained climate equipment, just like a vehicle, will save you time and money. 

Seasonal maintenance provides the following:

  • Helps your comfort units run more efficiently, saving energy and ultimately money.
  • Extends the life of your equipment.
  • Helps to prevent major break downs from occurring unexpectedly.
  • Keeps your manufacturer warranty in force.

Membership Exclusives: Two comprehensive inspections per year. * Includes condenser coil cleaning. Includes combustion analysis (when applicable) No additional service fee for after hours or weekend. Emergency 6 hour response time guaranteed! 10% discount on new A/C unit installation. 3 year labor warranty on repairs. * Inspections will incur an additional $35 for weekend appointments.

Ask our HVAC Professionals about signing up today!